Benefits of Online Land Maps in CG Now any citizen of Chhattisgarh can see the map of his farm, plot or land online

Land Map CG: Now any citizen of Chhattisgarh can see the map of his farm, plot or land online through the Chhattisgarh Bhuiya Bhu Naksha portal developed by the Revenue Department. This provides land owners the facility to view and download their land maps online.

Benefits of Online Land Maps in CG

The online land maps prevent frauds in land deals, reduce bribery in government offices, and bring transparency. Land owners can establish ownership rights by viewing their land maps online without visiting offices.

Benefit Description
Prevent Frauds Online maps make it difficult for land mafias to do fraud in land deals
Reduce Bribery Bribery in patwari and tehsil offices is reduced due to transparency
Establish Ownership Owners can show map to establish their land ownership rights

The CG land maps are divided into Bhuyan and Bhu Map categories on the portal. District, tehsil and village-wise land maps are available. Plot owners can download their plot map using plot numbers. Similarly, field owners can get field maps using Khasra numbers.

Process to View and Download CG Land Map

The process for a CG land owner to view and download their land map online is very easy. We have provided the detailed steps below:

Step Action
1 Go to portal
2 Select district, tehsil, village of land
3 Enter plot number or Khasra number
4 Click on "View Map" button
5 Land map opens, click download to get copy

The land owner will need certain documents for identification before they can access the online land maps. These include Aadhaar card, land ownership papers etc.

List of Districts with Online Land Maps

Below we have listed all the CG districts where digital land map facility is available:


Apart from these districts, the facility has also been launched in Surajpur, Baloda Bazar, Balod, Bemetara, Mungeli, Koriya, Balrampur, Surguja, Korea, Surguja and other districts of Chhattisgarh.

Identification Documents Needed

To access the Chhattisgarh online land maps facility, users need to provide certain documents for identification and verification. This is needed to ensure misuse does not take place. The required documents are:

Document Requirement
Aadhaar Card Mandatory for all land owners
Land Ownership Papers Like registry papers, allotment letter etc.
ID Proof Driving license, PAN Card etc.

With these KYC documents, land owners will be provided access to view and download the digital map of their plot, farm or land in Chhattisgarh.

Key Takeaways

  • Online land maps in CG provide transparency, prevent frauds
  • Land owners can access maps of their plot, farm, land online
  • Aadhaar card and land ownership papers needed for access
  • District, tehsil and village-level maps available
  • Can view and download maps using portal

Conclusion: The online land map facility by Revenue Department Chhattisgarh empowers citizens and brings accountability into the system. This e-governance initiative is transforming rural parts of the state by leveraging technology. It is helping establish clear land ownership rights while reducing avenues for illegal activities around land deals. Easy access to digital land records is the foundation for improving efficiency of land administration and management across the state.


Q1: What is the benefit of CG online land maps to citizens?

A1: The key benefits are - prevent land frauds, establish clear ownership rights, reduce bribery, and enable transparency in land administration.

Q2: What all documents are needed to access land maps?

A2: Aadhaar card, land ownership papers like registry document or allotment letter, and identity proof documents are needed to access the land maps.

Q3: Can I view my land map from my mobile online?

A3: Yes, CG land owners can view and download digital maps of their land from computers as well as mobile devices through the online portal

Q4: Is offline access also provided for land maps?

A4: As of now, Chhattisgarh provides online access only to land records and maps for its citizens through the bhunaksha portal.

Q5: Can anyone make changes to my land records online?

A5: No, the online land records are currently provided only as a viewing facility to bring transparency. Any updates still need to be made through the Revenue department offices.

Q6: How frequently are the online land maps updated?

A6: The digitized land records and maps are synchronized with latest changes on regular basis, so citizens get access to updated status through the portal.


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