Driver Empowerment Programme

The government of Telangana has launched the Driver Empowerment Programme to financially assist drivers in purchasing vehicles. This scheme aims to empower drivers by making them self-reliant. It provides a 50% subsidy of Rs 1.5 lakhs to beneficiaries belonging to marginalized communities for buying auto-rickshaws.

Key Features

The key features of the Driver Empowerment Programme are:

  • Financial assistance of Rs 1.5 lakhs as 50% subsidy for purchasing vehicles
  • Benefits targeted at marginalized groups like SCs, STs, minorities, backward classes
  • Drivers to become self-dependent entrepreneurs
  • Employment generation for poor citizens
  • Improvement in living standards of beneficiaries

This scheme aims to uplift vulnerable sections by helping them secure livelihoods as driver-owners of vehicles.


The main objectives of the Driver Empowerment Programme are:

  • Provide financial subsidies to drivers for buying auto rickshaws
  • Offer 50% subsidy of Rs 1.5 lakhs per beneficiary
  • Create self-employment opportunities for marginalized communities
  • Enable beneficiaries to become self-reliant
  • Raise living standards of weaker sections

By assisting beneficiaries in purchasing vehicles, this scheme aims to create jobs and make citizens self-dependent.


The eligibility criteria for the Driver Empowerment Programme are:

  • Must belong to marginalized communities like SCs, STs, minorities, OBCs
  • Should be a permanent resident of Telangana
  • Annual family income should be below Rs 3 lakhs
  • Should have a valid driving license

Only eligible members of underprivileged groups can avail scheme benefits.

Application Process

The application process for the scheme involves the following steps:

  • Visit the nearest CSC or Mee Seva center
  • Submit duly filled application form along with required documents
  • Documents are verified for eligibility
  • Eligible candidates are sanctioned financial assistance
  • Subsidy amount is transferred directly to dealer/manufacturer

Applicants must produce identity, income, residence proofs to avail benefits.


The Driver Empowerment Programme aims to uplift citizens from disadvantaged communities by assisting them to become self-reliant driver-entrepreneurs. This scheme intends to create sustainable employment and improve living standards of marginalized sections by facilitating vehicle purchases. It has the potential for far-reaching socio-economic benefits if implemented effectively.


Key Points Details
Scheme Name Driver Empowerment Programme
Launched By Government of Telangana
Objective Empower drivers from weaker sections for self-employment
Benefits 50% subsidy of Rs 1.5 lakhs for purchasing vehicles
Eligibility Marginalized communities with income below 3 lakhs
Application Process Online at CSC/Mee Seva centers


Q1: What is the Driver Empowerment Programme?

A1: It is a scheme by the Telangana government to provide financial assistance of Rs 1.5 lakhs as 50% subsidy to beneficiaries from marginalized communities for purchasing vehicles.

Q2: Who are eligible for this scheme?

A2: Members of SCs, STs, minorities, OBCs with annual family income below 3 lakhs and having valid driving license can apply.

Q3: What is the subsidy amount given in the scheme?

A3: This scheme provides a 50% subsidy of Rs 1.5 lakhs for purchasing auto rickshaws to create self-employment opportunities.

Q4: How can one apply for this scheme?

A4: Interested applicants have to visit their nearest CSC or Mee Seva center and submit the registration form with required documents.

Q5: What documents are needed for application?

A5: Identity proof, residence proof, income certificate, driving license and other eligibility papers need to be submitted.

Q6: How is the subsidy amount given to beneficiaries?

A6: The approved subsidy amount is directly transferred to the auto dealer/manufacturer on behalf of the applicant.


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