E Challan Status in India

What is E-Challan?

E-challan is a digital system launched by the Government of India to facilitate online payment of traffic fines. It aims to make the process of challan submission easier and less time-consuming for citizens.

Some key features of e-challan system:

  • Helps traffic police and transport officers issue challans digitally through a mobile app
  • Integrated with Vahan and Sarathi databases
  • Enables people to check challan status and pay fines online
  • Saves paperwork and operational costs

Checking E-Challan Status

If you have received a traffic violation notice, you can check its status online by:

  1. Visiting the e-challan website of your state
  2. Entering challan number or vehicle registration number
  3. Checking payment status - paid or unpaid
  4. Viewing challan details like date, location, amount, etc.

Paying E-Challan

You can pay e-challans through the following methods:

  • Net banking, cards, UPI on e-challan portal
  • Via BHIM app using UPI
  • Visiting nearest police station or transport office counter
  • Paying cash/DD

Benefits of E-Challan

Some major advantages of the e-challan system are:

Benefits Details
Convenience Online access, save time & effort
Transparency Clear process, reduces corruption
Efficiency Faster processing, automation

Non Payment Consequences

If you fail to pay the e-challan, following actions may be taken:

  • Court summons issued against license holder
  • Need to appear before judge and explain
  • Driving license may get suspended

Cancelling Wrong Challans

If you get a wrong challan, visit nearest traffic police station with documents. File a Cancel Challan Form along with supporting documents. The police will verify details and cancel incorrect challans.


The e-challan system makes payment of traffic fines easier via online access. Citizens should verify challan details and pay promptly to avoid legal issues.


Q1: How to check if I have any pending e-challans?

A1: You can check for pending e-challans by visiting your state's e-challan website and searching your vehicle number or challan number. The site will display unpaid challans if any.

Q2: Can I file complaint against fake e-challan sites?

A2: Yes, you should immediately file a police complaint if you come across any fake e-challan websites. This will help prevent frauds and protect citizens.

Q3: What details are required to pay e-challan online?

A3: You would need challan number, vehicle number, license number and make online payment through netbanking, UPI, cards, etc. on the e-challan portal.

Q4: Can I get a refund if I have paid an incorrect challan?

A4: Yes, you can get refund by applying to cancel the wrong challan at your nearest traffic police station along with supporting documents.

Q5: Is there any service charge for paying challan online?

A5: A nominal service charge may be applicable for online payments towards portal maintenance and transaction costs.

Q6: How long do I have to pay the e-challan after receiving it?

A6: You typically get 15-30 days to make the e-challan payment after receiving the notice. Pay promptly to avoid penalties.


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