How to Check IGNOU Assignment Status Online

After the deadline for assignment submission, IGNOU provides the facility to check assignment status online. By visiting and entering details like enrollment number and date of birth, students can view the status of their submitted assignments.

Importance of Submitting Assignments in IGNOU

Submitting assignments is mandatory for all IGNOU distance learning students. The assignments carry 30% weightage and students must submit them before term-end exams which carry 70% weightage. If assignments are not submitted, students cannot appear for final exams.

After submission, assignments are evaluated at study centers and marks are updated online. Students can then view their marks and assignment status online.

Key Points Details
Importance of Assignments Carry 30% weightage, submission compulsory
Evaluation Evaluated at study centers, marks updated online

Checking IGNOU Assignment Status Online

The IGNOU assignment status displays information like current status of assignment and other details. To check status, students need to provide their enrollment number, date of birth, and program code.

The online status update shows if the assignment has been submitted, evaluated, and marks updated. It also shows the score obtained by the student.

Key Points Details
Information Required Enrollment No., DOB, Program Code
Status Information Submission status, Evaluation status, Marks

Reasons for Delay in Assignment Status Update

Sometimes students may face delays in getting assignment status updates online. This could be because of delayed evaluation at study center or delay in uploading marks by regional center.

In such cases, students may have to wait until final exam results are announced and then check status. If still pending, they can contact regional center or visit study center for updates.

Key Points Details
Reason 1 Delayed evaluation at study center
Reason 2 Delay by regional center in uploading marks

How to Follow Up for Pending Assignments

If assignments are still shown as pending even after final exam results, students can follow up through different methods. They can contact their regional center or visit the study center and meet the coordinator.

It is also advised to keep assignment submission receipts safe. These receipts will help if any issue arises later regarding submission.

Follow Up Method Details
Contact regional center Enquire about pending status
Visit study center Meet coordinator for updates
Keep assignments receipt Will help in case of disputes

Minimum Score Required in Assignments

For passing a course, students need to secure minimum passing marks in both assignments and term-end exams. Only then final result is declared pass.

If assignments score is below passing marks, students have to resubmit improved assignments before next semester exams.

Parameter Details
Minimum Pass Marks Separate pass marks for assignments and term-end exams
Score below pass marks Assignments to be resubmitted before next semester exam


Checking IGNOU assignment status online is important to track submission and evaluation updates. By entering enrollment and other details, students can view status real-time. In case of pending submissions, proper follow up needs to be done with study center and regional center for resolution.


Q1: Why is it important to submit IGNOU assignments?

A1: IGNOU assignments carry 30% weightage in overall course score. Submission of assignments is compulsory, without which students cannot appear for final term-end exams which carry 70% marks.

Q2: What details are required to check IGNOU assignment status?

A2: Students need to enter enrollment number, date of birth, and program code to check IGNOU assignment status online on the official website.

Q3: Whom should I contact for pending assignments?

A3: In case assignments are still shown as pending after final results, students need to contact their Regional Center. They can also visit Study Center and meet coordinator to inquire about it.

Q4: Can I resubmit assignments to improve score?

A4: Yes, if assignments score is below passing marks, students can resubmit improved assignments before the next semester exams as per guidelines.

Q5: How are assignments evaluated?

A5: After submission at Study Centers, assignments are evaluated by counselors appointed by IGNOU. The evaluated marks are then updated online by Regional Centers.

Q6: Is assignment status updated automatically?

A6: Updation of assignment status online after evaluation may take some time and involves manual process. Delay at Regional Center level may cause further delays.


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