E Shram Card and Nipun Yojana

The E Shram card initiative by the central government was one of the most significant welfare schemes for unorganized workers. Under the Nipun Yojana program, all E Shram card holders are eligible for free skill training and accidental insurance coverage. Nipun Yojana was launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India to upgrade the skills of one lakh young workers and shape their careers. In this article, we will learn all about the scheme, including its objectives, benefits offered, application process, and required documents.

About Nipun Yojana Scheme

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs initiated Nipun Yojana to shape the future of 1 lakh young construction workers. The scheme promotes skill-based training and certification through RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and fresh skill training. The government linked NIPUN Bharat mission with the E Shram card. The scheme provides accidental insurance coverage of Rs. 2 lakhs for 3 years. Youth will receive training in plumbing, electrical, and infrastructure skills. After training, they will get a certificate which will help them find jobs in India or overseas.

Under NIPUN mission of the Government of India, the focus will be on skilling the country's workforce. Through this scheme, the government will provide skill training to construction workers so they can contribute to the nation's infrastructure development. Under E Shram Card NIPUN initiative, skills can be acquired quickly and the government will provide financial assistance. Interested applicants can apply by visiting the official website.

Skill Development Areas

The skill training covers:

  • Candidates will receive training in skills locally in their community.
  • Assessment of skills as per National Skill Qualification Framework standards.
  • Skill India certification co-branded with MoHUA.
  • Digital skills training for candidates along with access to EPF/BOCW welfare schemes.
  • Information about career progression in the construction industry.

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Objectives of Nipun Yojana

The objective behind launching this scheme is to provide skill training to over 1 lakh youth engaged in the construction sector across various job roles. This will help them leverage their competencies to build their careers. Under NIPUN program, candidates will receive training and certification based on existing skills. Providing youth with skill certificates after training will increase their employability and productivity. Offering health insurance coverage of up to Rs. 2 lakhs per applicant undergoing skill upgradation is another key objective.

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Benefits of Nipun Yojana

Under this program, young workers employed in the construction and building sector will be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Free skill training and certification in plumbing, electrical, masonry etc.
  • Rs. 2 lakh accidental insurance coverage for 3 years.
  • Career progression support and jobs referrals.
  • Digital skills training.
  • Access to welfare schemes like EPF and BOCW benefits.

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Application Process

The documents required for Nipun Yojana are:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • E Shram card
  • Education certificate
  • Address proof
  • Passport size photo

Candidates can visit the official website and register themselves to avail benefits under the scheme. The application procedure is simple and online. Applicants need to fill a registration form with personal and job details. Based on eligibility, they will be provided skill training and certification.


The Nipun Yojana scheme under E Shram card aims to empower young construction workers through skill development. By upgrading their competencies and providing accidental insurance, it will help enhance their income potential and social security. The program shall contribute significantly towards creating a productive workforce and enabling inclusive growth in India.

Summary of Key Details:

Scheme Key Features
Name Nipun Yojana
Launched By Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
Objective Skill training for construction workers
Benefits Training, certification, insurance
Eligibility E Shram card holders
Application Process Online registration


Q1: What is the coverage amount under accidental insurance benefit?

A1: Candidates will get Rs. 2 lakh accidental insurance coverage for 3 years under Nipun Yojana.

Q2: How can one apply for this scheme?

A2: Interested applicants need to visit the official website and complete online registration with required details to apply.

Q3: Who is eligible for skill training under this program?

A3: Only construction workers who have obtained their E Shram card are eligible for training under Nipun Yojana.

Q4: What types of skills will be offered?

A4: The training will be provided in construction-related skills like plumbing, electrical works, masonry, painting etc.

Q5: Will trainees get a certificate after completing the program?

A5: Yes, successful candidates will get a co-branded Skill India certificate from MoHUA after finishing their training.

Q6: How long is the training duration?

A6: The skill training programs under Nipun Yojana are short-term courses ranging from 100-600 hours.


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