Inspire Scholarship Scheme 2023

The Inspire Scholarship Scheme is an initiative by the Department of Science and Technology to provide scholarships to students pursuing education in the sciences. It aims to attract talent towards scientific research and build critical human capital in science and technology.


The Inspire Scholarship Scheme was launched in November 2008 with a budget of ₹1979.25 crores. Through this scheme, the government provides ₹80,000 scholarships annually for 5 years or course duration, whichever is less, to around 10,000 students. It supports students facing financial constraints to pursue careers in the sciences from school to doctoral level.

Inspire Scholarship is a component of the larger Inspire program. Inspire has three main components - schemes for attracting talent, higher education scholarships, and research career opportunities. It provides various awards, internships, scholarships and fellowships to promote science education and research.


The key objectives of Inspire Scholarship 2023 are:

  • Attract talented youth towards science education from an early age
  • Build a strong pool of human resources for science and technology
  • Support R&D and innovation by financing advanced science education
  • Promote interest and access to science careers for all sections
  • Increase the number of researchers and scientists in India


The Inspire scholarship provides the following financial benefits:

Component Amount
Annual scholarship ₹60,000 per year (₹5,000 per month)
Summer research project ₹20,000 per year

The total annual scholarship amount is ₹80,000 for up to 5 years of the course. Scholars also get the opportunity to work on research projects under senior scientists.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Inspire Scholarship 2023 are:

Parameter Criteria
Age 17-22 years (at time of application)
Education Pursuing UG/PG degree in natural sciences
Marks Minimum 80% in Class 12
Family income Less than ₹6 lakhs per annum

Students meeting the above eligibility can apply for the scholarship after Class 12 to support their undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

Application Process

The key steps to apply for Inspire Scholarship 2023 are:

  1. Check eligibility criteria and prepare required documents
  2. Fill the online application form before deadline
  3. Upload scanned copies of documents
  4. Submit the completed form online
  5. Shortlisted candidates are informed for further process
  6. Appear for selection interviews if called
  7. Final scholarship recipients are announced

The required documents are: mark sheets, income certificate, Aadhar card, bank account details etc. Applications are submitted online via the National Scholarship Portal.

Components of Inspire Program

The Inspire program consists of the following schemes:

  1. Early Attraction: ₹5000 awards to 1 million Class 6-10 students for science projects.
  2. Scholarship: ₹80,000 scholarships for UG/PG/PhD students in natural sciences.
  3. Internships: Summer camps for 50,000 Class 11 science students with research mentors.
  4. Fellowships: 1000 PhD fellowships in basic and applied sciences like engineering and medicine.
  5. Faculty Positions: 1000 opportunities for postdoctoral researchers in tenure-track faculty positions.

Together, these schemes aim to strengthen science education and research at all levels - school, undergraduate, postgraduate and research.


The Inspire Scholarship Scheme plays an important role in promoting scientific research and encouraging students to take up careers in science and technology. The financial aid and mentorship provided enables talented students to overcome economic hurdles and achieve their full potential. In the long run, this contributes towards advancing scientific knowledge and technological capabilities in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who provides the Inspire Scholarship?

A1: The Inspire Scholarship is provided by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Q2: How many scholarships are offered under Inspire Scheme?

A2: Around 10,000 scholarships are awarded every year under the Inspire Scholarship component.

Q3: What is the selection process for Inspire Scholarship?

A3: Selection is based on an online application, eligibility criteria, academic record and performance in interviews if called.

Q4: What is the total annual amount of Inspire Scholarship?

A4: The total annual scholarship amount is ₹80,000, including ₹60,000 as academic fees and ₹20,000 for summer research internship.

Q5: Can PCMB students apply for Inspire Scholarship?

A5: Yes, PCMB students can apply if they fulfill the specified eligibility criteria.

Q6: Till what level does Inspire Scholarship provide funding?

A6: Inspire Scholarship supports students from undergraduate to PhD level in pursuing science degrees.


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