Ekikrit Kisan Portal - One Stop for Chhattisgarh Farmers

The Chhattisgarh government has launched the Ekikrit Kisan Portal to provide an integrated platform for farmers to avail benefits of various welfare schemes. This portal aims to eliminate the need for separate registrations under different schemes.

Purpose of the Portal

The main objectives of the Ekikrit Kisan Portal are:

  • Provide single portal for farmers to register under various schemes
  • Save time and money of farmers by avoiding multiple registrations
  • Bring transparency in the system
  • Create centralized database of all farmers in the state
  • Ensure all eligible farmers get benefits of schemes

The portal will serve as a one-stop solution for farmers looking to avail government benefits and subsidies. They no longer need to apply separately on multiple portals for different schemes.

Benefits of the Portal

Following are the major benefits of the Ekikrit Kisan Portal for farmers:

  • Single registration for multiple schemes
  • Reduced paperwork and visit to offices
  • Faster application processing and disbursal
  • Transparent system for application tracking
  • Centralized data for government to plan and monitor schemes
  • SMS alerts about application status
  • Online grievance redressal system

By providing end-to-end services through a single portal, it makes scheme access easier for farmers. The portal reduces time and cost for farmers in availing benefits.

Key Features

The Ekikrit Kisan Portal comes with several useful features for farmers including:

  • Online registration and application for schemes
  • Database of farmers and land records
  • Integration with Digipay for online payments
  • Track application status and view history
  • Grievance redressal and feedback mechanism
  • Latest announcements and scheme details
  • Farmer helpline and online support
  • SMS alert facility

These features make the entire scheme application and tracking process simple and transparent for farmers.

Eligibility Criteria

The following farmers are required to register on the Ekikrit Kisan Portal:

  • Farmers growing crops in Kharif season
  • Farmers growing aromatic rice, fortified rice
  • Farmers involved in horticulture, plantations
  • Farmers looking to sell paddy at MSP

Farmers already registered for paddy MSP sale don't need fresh registration. But new registration is required for availaing benefits of other schemes through the portal.

Registration Process

Farmers can register on the portal by following simple steps:

  1. Visit portal and click on Farmer Registration
  2. Fill the online application form with personal and farm details
  3. Upload scanned copies of Aadhaar, bank passbook, land records
  4. Submit form and upload documents
  5. Application will be verified by agriculture department
  6. Register mobile number to get registration confirmation SMS

Farmers can also submit applications offline at agriculture department offices. Their applications will be registered online by department officials.

Documents Required

The following documents are required for registration on the portal:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Land records - Patta, Khatauni, Khasra
  • Bank account passbook
  • Farmer ID proofs
  • Mobile number

Scanned clear copies of these documents must be uploaded during online registration. Offline applications also need attested photocopies.

Login Process

To login, farmers need to:

  1. Go to portal and click Farmer Login
  2. Enter registered mobile number and OTP
  3. Use personalized login password sent via SMS
  4. Login to access portal dashboard and services

Farmers can reset password or retrieve login details using Forget Password option.

Key Services

Some useful services offered through the portal include:

  • View profile and registered land details
  • Track status of scheme applications
  • Apply for schemes like PM-KISAN, input subsidy
  • Grievance redressal and lodging complaints
  • Download certificates, scheme sanctions etc.
  • Get SMS alerts and notifications
  • View agriculture schemes eligibility and details

By providing end-to-end scheme application and tracking services, the portal makes it easy for farmers to avail benefits.


The Ekikrit Kisan Portal has been developed to empower Chhattisgarh farmers and boost agriculture productivity. By enabling easy and transparent access to multiple schemes through a single platform, it will prove beneficial for farmers. The portal's online services and integration across departments will ensure timely delivery of scheme benefits to farmers.

Portal Objectives Key Features
- One stop for schemes
- Avoid multiple registrations
- Database creation
- Transparent system
- Online registration
- Land records database
- Scheme tracking
- Grievance redressal
- SMS alerts
Benefits Eligibility
- Single registration
- Less paperwork
- Faster processing
- Centralized data
- Kharif crop farmers
- Paddy MSP sellers
- Horticulture farmers


Q1: What is the purpose of Ekikrit Kisan Portal?

A1: The Ekikrit Kisan Portal provides a single platform for farmers to register and avail benefits of various government schemes. It aims to remove the need for separate registrations under different schemes.

Q2: What documents are required for farmer registration?

A2: The documents required are - Aadhaar card, land records, bank passbook, farmer ID proofs and mobile number. Scanned copies need to be uploaded online or submitted offline.

Q3: Can I edit registered details on the portal?

A3: Yes, registered farmers can edit details like Aadhaar, bank account etc by submitting Form 3 and relevant documents to agriculture department.

Q4: Is registration mandatory for paddy MSP sellers?

A4: Farmers already registered for paddy MSP sale don't need fresh registration. New registration is only needed for availing other scheme benefits.

Q5: How can I track status of my applications?

A5: After logging into the portal, farmers can view dashboard to track status of different scheme applications submitted.

Q6: What services does the farmer portal provide?

A6: Key services include scheme registration, application tracking, grievance redressal, certificate downloads and SMS alerts.


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