Himachal Pradesh Old Age Pension Scheme

The Himachal Pradesh government has launched the Himachal Pradesh Old Age Pension Scheme to provide financial assistance to senior citizens aged 60 years and above in the state. This scheme aims to help elderly citizens meet their needs and become self-reliant without depending on others.

Objective of the Scheme

The main objectives of the Himachal Pradesh Old Age Pension Scheme are:

  • Provide financial security to elderly citizens
  • Enable senior citizens to fulfill their basic needs
  • Make senior citizens self-dependent
Key Objectives Details
Financial Security Monthly pension to meet expenses
Fulfill Basic Needs Pension for food, medicines etc.
Self-Dependence Become self-reliant

The scheme aims to provide social security and improve the quality of life of senior citizens in Himachal Pradesh.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to apply under the scheme is:

  • Applicant must be permanent resident of Himachal Pradesh
  • Age must be 60 years or above
  • Annual income limit is Rs 35,000 for 60-69 years age group
  • No income limit for 70+ years age group
Eligibility Criteria
Residence Permanent Himachal Resident
Age 60 years or above
Income (60-69 years) Less than Rs 35,000 per annum
Income (70+ years) No income limit

Only eligible senior citizens can avail the pension benefits under this scheme.

Required Documents

The documents required to apply for the pension scheme are:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Age Certificate
  • Residence Proof
  • Income Certificate
  • Bank Passbook Copy
  • Passport Size Photo
Documents Details
Aadhaar Card For identity proof
Age Certificate From authorized medical center
Residence Proof Domicile certificate
Income Certificate Issued by competent authority
Bank Passbook Copy with account details
Photograph Recent passport size photo

Applicants must produce the required documents for age, identity and income proof.

Application Process

The scheme only has offline application process currently. Applicants can submit documents at:

  • District Social Welfare Office
  • Jan Suvidha Kendra
  • Common Service Centers
Application Mode Application Authority
Offline District Social Welfare Office
Offline Jan Suvidha Kendra
Offline Common Service Centers

After verification, eligible applicants will be enrolled for monthly pension.

Pension Amount

The monthly pension provided under the scheme is:

  • Rs 750 for age group 60-69 years
  • Rs 1300 for 70 years and above
Age Group Monthly Pension
60-69 years Rs 750
70 years and above Rs 1300

The pension amount is directly transferred to the beneficiaries account every month.


Key benefits of the HP Old Age Pension Scheme:

  • Regular monthly income support
  • Financial aid for expenses
  • Improved standard of living
  • Sense of security in old age
Benefits Details
Monthly Income Regular pension amount
Financial Aid For expenses on basic needs
Standard of Living Pension helps uplift lifestyle
Security Removes dependency in old age

The pension scheme provides much needed benefits for financial aid and security.


The Himachal Pradesh Old Age Pension Scheme is a commendable welfare initiative that provides financial and social security along with improved quality of life for senior citizens. By providing regular pension income it helps elders become self-reliant and empowers them in old age. This contributes immensely to human development in the state.


Q1: Who is eligible for the HP Old Age Pension Scheme?

A1: All permanent Himachal Pradesh residents aged 60 years and above are eligible for the scheme based on the age and income criteria.

Q2: What is the pension amount given in the scheme?

A2: Senior citizens aged 60-69 years get Rs 750 per month while citizens aged 70 years and above get Rs 1300 per month.

Q3: How can one apply for the pension scheme?

A3: Offline application can be submitted at District Social Welfare Office, Jan Suvidha Kendra or Common Service Centers along with required documents.

Q4: What documents are needed for application?

A4: Documents like Aadhaar, age proof, residence proof, income certificate, bank passbook and passport size photo have to be submitted.

Q5: How is the pension amount given?

A5: The pension amount is directly transferred every month into the bank account of the registered beneficiaries.

Q6: What is the aim of this pension scheme?

A6: The scheme aims to provide financial aid and social security to senior citizens and make them self-reliant.


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