Madhya Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme

The Madhya Pradesh government has introduced the Unemployment Allowance Scheme to provide financial assistance to educated unemployed people in the state. The scheme is an initiative under the Congress party's manifesto promise of providing either employment or unemployment allowance.

Details of the Scheme

Under the scheme, Rs 1500 per month will be provided to unemployed individuals with qualifications. There are plans to increase this amount to Rs 3500 per month, but it has not been implemented yet.

The allowance will be given until the person finds employment, for a maximum duration of 3 years. If applied online, the benefit is only for 1 month. For extension, one must register at the Employment Exchange office.

Type of Assistance Amount
Monthly unemployment allowance Rs 1500 (proposed - Rs 3500)
Duration of Benefit Maximum 3 years

Objective of the Scheme

The main objectives of the Madhya Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme are:

  • Provide financial support to educated unemployed citizens
  • Enable them to meet expenses and search for jobs, without depending on others
  • Save time through online application facility

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the unemployment allowance, the applicant must:

  • Be a domicile of Madhya Pradesh
  • Possess necessary educational qualifications
  • Be unemployed and aged between 20-40 years
  • Have annual family income below Rs 2 lakhs

Required Documents

The following documents are required for application under the scheme:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Residence Proof
  • Education Certificates
  • Income Certificate
  • Bank Account Details
  • Unemployment Registration Proof

Application Procedure

Eligible candidates can apply through either of these modes:

Conclusion: The Madhya Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme aims to support educated unemployed youth during their job searches. The financial aid and online facilities make it easier for applicants to gain benefits. Proper implementation is key for its success and maximum reach.


Q1: What is the Madhya Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme?

A1: It is a scheme by the MP government to provide a monthly unemployment allowance of Rs 1500 (proposed - Rs 3500) to educated unemployed people for up to 3 years.

Q2: Who are eligible for the scheme?

A2: Unemployed residents of MP aged 20-40 years, with necessary qualifications and annual family income under Rs 2 lakhs are eligible.

Q3: How to apply for the unemployment allowance?

A3: Eligible candidates can apply online through the portal or visit the Employment Exchange office for offline registration.

Q4: What documents are required for application?

A4: Documents like Aadhaar, residence proof, education certificates, income certificate, bank details etc. need to be submitted.

Q5: How much amount will be provided per month?

A5: As per scheme details, Rs 1500 will be provided per month. There is a proposal under consideration to increase it to Rs 3500.

Q6: For how long will the allowance be given?

A6: The financial assistance can be availed for a maximum duration of 3 years under the scheme.


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