Karnataka Free Bus Travel Scheme for Women

The Congress party in Karnataka had announced the Karnataka Uchita Prayana scheme as one of their commitments for the state elections. Now that they have won the election and will form the government, they need to fulfill this commitment of implementing the scheme. This will be a key welfare initiative by the new Karnataka government for women's empowerment.


The Karnataka Uchita Prayana scheme aims to provide free bus transportation to women across the state. As per the scheme, Karnataka government will offer free travel in state-run buses to all women within the state. This will enable affordable mobility and access for women in Karnataka. The scheme was envisioned by the Congress as an election promise. Now that they have won the election, they will be launching this program as one of their flagship initiatives.

Key Features

Here are some of the main features of the Karnataka Uchita Prayana scheme:

  • Free bus travel facility in state-owned buses for women passengers
  • Covers travel within Karnataka state boundaries
  • Women can simply show Aadhaar card to avail free travel
  • Initially 50% seats will be reserved for women
  • Reimbursements to be provided to transport firms for women's travel
  • Women can apply for Shakti smart card on Seva Sindhu portal in 3 months

This scheme aims to provide convenient and affordable transport access to women in Karnataka. It can make mobility easier for women for work, education, healthcare and other purposes.


The Karnataka Uchita Prayana scheme has the following main objectives:

  • Offer free bus transportation to women passengers across Karnataka
  • Make travel affordable and accessible for women in the state
  • Empower women and girls by enhancing their mobility
  • Reduce the gender gap in accessing public transport
  • Promote use of public transport by women for environment-friendly travel

The scheme intends to positively impact women's empowerment in Karnataka through easy mobility. It can drive gender inclusion in public transport.

Key Features Details
Mode of Transport State-run buses
Beneficiary Women passengers
Travel Coverage Within Karnataka


The eligibility criteria for availing free travel under the Karnataka Uchita Prayana scheme are as follows:

  • All women passengers can avail the scheme
  • Should be resident of Karnataka
  • No age limit to avail benefits
  • Covers travel within state boundaries only

Thus, any women passenger belonging to Karnataka can use this scheme for free bus travel within the state. There are no restrictions on age or income status.

Application Process

The application process to avail free bus travel under Karnataka Uchita Prayana scheme is quite simple:

  • Women passengers need to carry Aadhaar card during travel
  • On boarding the bus, show the Aadhaar card to conductor
  • The trip will be registered as free travel
  • Women can also apply for Shakti Smart Card within 3 months of launch
  • The smart card can then be used for seamless free travel instead of Aadhaar

Hence, women passengers can start availing free travel right away using their Aadhaar card. A dedicated Shakti Smart Card will also be launched to facilitate access to the scheme.


The Karnataka Uchita Prayana scheme is expected to have the following impact on women empowerment in the state:

  • Provide affordable access to transport to women for education, jobs, business etc.
  • Help women travel safely without dependence on male members
  • Reduce gender gap in public transport usage
  • Promote efficient usage of public transport over private vehicles
  • Offer convenient mobility for women from rural areas
  • Encourage women to use public transport frequently without fare burden

This scheme can bring in both - social and economic empowerment for women. It can gradually transform perceptions around public transport usage by women.


The Karnataka Uchita Prayana scheme is a progressive initiative by the Karnataka government that can positively impact women's empowerment. By providing free access to transportation, it can open up mobility as well as livelihood opportunities for women. The scheme should be implemented efficiently across all districts to maximize its reach. The government must also spread awareness about the program, especially in rural areas. Overall, this can be a potential game-changer for gender inclusion and women's participation in Karnataka's growth.


Q1: Which women passengers are eligible for free travel under the scheme?

A1: All women passengers belonging to Karnataka are eligible. There is no age limit or income criteria.

Q2: What documents do women need to carry to avail free travel?

A2: Women passengers need to carry Aadhaar card as ID proof. They can show it to the conductor to avail free travel.

Q3: Can men also avail free travel under this scheme?

A3: No, currently this scheme is applicable only for women passengers in Karnataka.

Q4: Is there any limit on number of trips that can be availed?

A4: There is no limit on number of trips. Women passengers can avail as many free trips as required.

Q5: What is the Shakti Smart Card mentioned in the scheme?

A5: Shakti Smart Card is a dedicated mobility card that will be launched to facilitate access to free travel under this scheme. It can be used instead of Aadhaar.

Q6: Which government has launched the Karnataka Uchita Prayana scheme?

A6: This scheme has been launched by the new Congress government in Karnataka, as per their election promise.


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