NIMCET Syllabus

NIMCET Syllabus 2024: The National Institute of Technology Master of Computer Applications Common Entrance Test (NIMCET) is a national-level entrance exam conducted for admission into MCA programmes offered at NITs and other participating institutes. The exam is managed by the National Institute of Technology, Raipur on behalf of NITs.

The NIMCET 2024 syllabus includes topics from Mathematics, Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning, General English, and Computer Awareness. Candidates must study all the subjects in depth to score well in the exam.

Important Details - NIMCET 2024 Syllabus

Subject Topics
Mathematics Trigonometry, Calculus, Vectors, Algebra, Arithmetic, Set Theory, Coordinate Geometry, Probability and Statistics
Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning Logical reasoning questions based on passages
General English Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Synonyms/Antonyms
Computer Awareness Data Representation, Computer Basics

Mathematics Syllabus

Topic Details
Trigonometry Trigonometric identities and equations, Properties of triangles, Heights and distances, Solution of triangles
Calculus Limits, Differentiation, Integration, Applications of integration
Vectors Vector operations, Position vector, Applications
Algebra Matrices, Determinants, Simultaneous equations, Factorization
Coordinate Geometry Equations of lines and conic sections, Distances
Probability and Statistics Basic probability, Averages, Dispersion

The Mathematics syllabus for NIMCET 2024 is comprehensive and includes topics from Trigonometry, Calculus, Vectors, Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, and Probability/Statistics. Students must have a strong grasp of concepts of Calculus including differentiation, integration and limits. Algebra, especially matrices and determinants are important. Trigonometry, vectors and coordinate geometry are also sizable portions.

Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning Syllabus

This section tests the logical reasoning and analytical thinking skills of candidates. Questions are based on short passages and situations, evaluating the reasoning capability of students.

Topic Details
Logical Reasoning Questions based on facts, situations, data sufficiency
Analytical Ability Ability to analyze information, draw conclusions

This section requires strong logical thinking and problem solving skills. Candidates should practice reasoning questions from various topics to score well.

General English Syllabus


Topic Details
Grammar Tenses, Subject-verb agreement, Articles, Prepositions etc.
Vocabulary Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms, Phrases
Comprehension Reading short passages and answering questions

The English syllabus focuses on grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Students should brush up basic grammar concepts and enrich vocabulary. Solving previous years' questions will help get familiar with the types of questions.

Computer Awareness Syllabus


Topic Details
Data Representation Number systems, Boolean algebra, truth tables
Computer Basics CPU, memory, I/O devices, computer organization

The computer awareness section covers the basics of computer organization and data representation concepts. Revising numeric systems, Boolean algebra, truth tables, computer hardware and memory concepts forms an important part of preparation.

NIMCET Exam Pattern

Particulars Details
Exam Mode Online
Duration 2 hours
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions
Number of Questions 120
Marking Scheme 1 mark for correct, 0 for incorrect
Sections Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, English, Computer Awareness

The NIMCET exam will be held in online mode for a duration of 2 hours. The question paper will contain 120 multiple choice questions from the four sections carrying 1 mark each. There is no negative marking in the exam.


The NIMCET 2024 syllabus covers major subjects like Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, English and Computer Awareness. Mathematics forms a major part with 50 questions. Students must thoroughly study thesyllabus to know the topics to focus on. Regular practice is key for good preparation. Solving previous years' papers and mock tests will help strategize better.


Q1: How many subjects are there in NIMCET syllabus?

A1: There are 4 subjects in the NIMCET 2024 syllabus - Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, General English and Computer Awareness.

Q2: Which section has maximum weightage in NIMCET?

A2: Mathematics section carries maximum weightage with 50 questions and 600 marks.

Q3: What type of English questions are asked in NIMCET?

A3: The English section covers topics like grammar, vocabulary, comprehension and synonyms/antonyms.