Nursery Syllabus

Nursery Syllabus 2023-24 Overview: The nursery syllabus for the academic year 2023-24 covers key subject areas like English, Math, Environmental Studies (EVS), Rhymes and Stories, Arts and Crafts, and General Activities. The focus is on developing foundational skills in language, early math concepts, general knowledge, creativity, and good habits.

English Syllabus

The English nursery syllabus introduces the English alphabet, two-letter words, capital and small letters. It covers holding a pencil, alphabet picture recognition, coloring alphabet blocks, matching alphabets, circling related pictures, and practicing lines and curves.

Key activities include coloring, crafts, playing with balls, coloring fruits/vegetables, matching lids, sandpaper letters, clay molding, alphabet games, fingerprinting, and conversations.

Math Syllabus

The Math syllabus introduces numbers, big/small concepts, pre-math ideas like up/down and shapes like circle, square, triangle, rectangle. It covers coloring number blocks, big/small exercises, counting, making shapes, matching numbers, circling numbers, and concept exercises.

Key activities include counting body parts, finger counting, number puzzles, number scales, coloring, and conversations.

EVS Syllabus

EVS covers myself, body parts, family, school, neighbors, colors, seasons, festivals, animals, helpers, transport, and nature. It includes family trees, vegetable printing, fruit charts, jigsaw puzzles, ice tray play, coloring, animal puzzles, snake & ladder, matching games, and transport activities.

Rhymes and Stories

The syllabus includes English and Hindi poems, popular rhymes, historical, funny, cartoon, and patriotic stories.

Arts and Crafts

This covers finger printing, cotton dabbing, vegetable/sponge printing, coloring, animal/transport collages, and craft activities related to topics.

General Activities

Children learn greeting others, manners, using dustbins, respecting people, avoiding junk food, following rules, caring for the environment, and planting trees.

Important Details

Subject Key Areas
English Alphabet, writing, conversations
Math Numbers, shapes, counting
EVS Myself, family, animals, nature

The nursery syllabus focuses on building English and Math skills through interactive activities. EVS introduces children to the world around them. Arts, crafts, rhymes and stories spark creativity and interest. General activities teach good values and habits.

English Syllabus Activities

The English syllabus uses fun activities to teach the alphabet, improve writing readiness and build conversation skills. Coloring alphabet blocks, matching games, and crafts make learning engaging. Fingerprinting in notebooks and alphabet games add variety.

Math Syllabus Methods

The Math syllabus employs hands-on methods for teaching numbers, shapes, sizes, counting and other concepts. Counting body parts, number puzzles, scales, finger counting make math enjoyable. Coloring numbers, shape crafts and conversations aid retention.

EVS Syllabus Topics

EVS introduces children to themselves, families, surroundings, nature, animals and more through interactive activities. Family trees, vegetable printing, ice play, jigsaw puzzles make learning about the world fun.

Importance of Stories and Rhymes

Rhymes and stories boost language skills, creativity, imagination and values. The syllabus includes English and Hindi rhymes, moral stories, history tales, patriotic stories delivered engagingly.

Role of Arts and Crafts

The syllabus uses arts and crafts to promote creativity, fine motor skills and interest in diverse topics. Activities like coloring, printing, collages, crafts based on themes make learning enjoyable.


The nursery syllabus 2023-24 uses age-appropriate methods to build foundational English, Math, EVS skills and inculcate good values through stories, rhymes, arts, crafts and interactive activities. The key focus areas are alphabet knowledge, early math concepts, environment awareness and all-round development.


Q1: What are the main subjects covered in the nursery syllabus?

A1: The main subjects are English, Math, EVS, Rhymes/Stories, Arts/Crafts and General Activities.

Q2: What kind of activities are included in the English syllabus?

A2: Activities like coloring, matching games, conversations, crafts, fingerprinting, alphabet games are used to teach English skills.

Q3: How does the Math syllabus make learning engaging?

A3: Math syllabus uses counting body parts, puzzles, scales, finger counting, shape crafts, coloring, conversations to make math fun.

Q4: What is the purpose of EVS in nursery?

A4: EVS syllabus introduces children to themselves, family, surroundings, nature, animals through activities like family trees, vegetable printing, jigsaw puzzles.

Q5: Why are rhymes and stories important in nursery?

A5: Rhymes and stories develop language skills, imagination, values and creativity in young children.

Q6: What is the role of arts and crafts in the nursery syllabus?

A6: Arts and crafts activities improve creativity, motor skills and engage children's interest in diverse topics.