Ambedkar Housing Renovation Scheme in Haryana

The Haryana government has introduced the Dr. Ambedkar Awas Navinikarn Yojana to provide financial assistance to economically weaker Scheduled Caste (SC) and Below Poverty Line (BPL) families for renovating their dilapidated houses. Under this scheme, a lump sum grant of Rs. 80,000 is given to eligible beneficiaries for repair and renovation of houses older than 10 years.

Key Features

Some key features of the scheme are:

  • Operated by the SC and BC Welfare Department, Haryana
  • One-time financial aid of Rs. 80,000 given for house repairs
  • Aid increased from earlier amount of Rs. 50,000
  • Covers SC citizens and BPL card holders
  • Money transferred to beneficiaries' bank accounts

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to apply for the scheme includes:

  • Applicant must be a SC or BPL card holder of Haryana
  • House must be at least 10 years old needing repairs
  • Valid bank account linked with Aadhaar card is mandatory

Application Process

Eligible applicants can submit their application on the Haryana Saral Portal. Key steps are:

  1. Visit portal and create login account
  2. Fill online form with personal and house details
  3. Upload documents like ID/address proof, BPL certificate etc.
  4. Pay fee of Rs. 30
  5. Track application status online

Benefits of the Scheme

Some major benefits of the scheme are:

  • Helps BPL and SC families renovate old houses
  • Improves living conditions and lifestyle
  • Financial aid enables necessary repairs
  • Simple application process through online portal
Scheme Details
Name Dr. Ambedkar Awas Navinikarn Yojana
Launched In Haryana
Benefits House renovation grant of Rs. 80,000
Target Group SC and BPL families


The Ambedkar Housing Renovation Scheme aims to uplift disadvantaged sections by providing financial assistance for renovating dilapidated houses. This helps improve living conditions and lifestyle for many marginalized families in Haryana.


Q1: Who launched the Ambedkar Housing Renovation Scheme?

A1: This scheme was launched by the Haryana government under the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Awas Navinikarn Yojana.

Q2: How much money is given under the scheme?

A2: Under this scheme, a one-time financial assistance of Rs. 80,000 is given by the government to each eligible applicant.

Q3: Who are eligible for this renovation grant?

A3: SC and BPL families owning over 10 year old houses requiring repair in Haryana can apply for this assistance.

Q4: How can one apply under this scheme?

A4: Eligible persons can apply through the online portal of Haryana Saral by submitting form and documents.

Q5: Is there any fees to apply?

A5: Yes, an application fees of Rs. 30 needs to be paid by applicants.

Q6: What is the aim of this scheme?

A6: The scheme aims to improve housing and living conditions of marginalized SC and BPL families in Haryana.


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